A Brilliant Fusion of Leading Yamaha Power

Dolby® Atmos™ surround sound technology is taking the cinema audio experience to a new level, making current 5.1 and 7.1 systems seem simplistic in comparison. One of the first European installations of an Atmos system is at Kristiansand in Norway, where 54 Yamaha loudspeakers and 33 power amplifiers have been specified to deliver its exacting audio requirements.

RX-670 Front
RX-A770 Front
RX-A870 Front White
RX-A1070 Front
RX-A2070 Front
RX-A3070 Front
CX-A5100 Front White
MX-A5000 Front
RX-A1050 Front
RX-A1060 Front
RX-A2040 Front White
RX-A2050 Front
RX-A2060 Front
RX-A3050 Front White
RX-A3060 Front
RX-A550 Front White
RX-A660 Front
RX-A740 Front White
RX-A750 Front White
RXA760 Front
RX-A840 Front White
RX-A850 Front
RX-A860 Front White
RX-AS710 Front
RX-AS710D Front White
RX-A1040 Front White
RX-A3040 Front White
RX-S600D Front Black White
RX-S601 Front
RX-S601D Front Silver
RX-V1077 Front
RX-V1079 USB Connect
RX-V3079 USB Connect
RX-V3081 Front
RX-V379 Bluetooth
RX-V381 Front
RX-V477 Front White
RX-V479 Angle
RX-V481 Front
RX-V577 Front White
RX-V579 Angle
RX-V581 Front White
RX-V679 Angle
RX-V681 Front
RX-V777 Angle
RX-V779 Front White
RX-V781 Angle
TXn Series Angle
P7000S Front
XM Series Angle
RX-S600 Front
HTR-2866 Front
PX Series Angle
PA2030 Angle
XMV Series Front
T5n Angle