Highly efficient Class-D amplifier brings 8 x 200W/ch from a compact 2U body. Save space and energy – 8 channels of audio in a compact, lightweight 2U body.


• Yamaha reliability
• Flexibility



The IPA8200 is an installation dedicated power amplifier using Class D technology. Efficiency of conventional Class AB or Class H amplifiers is in the range of 20% to 30%, meaning that 70% to 80% of electricity drawn is lost as heat.

Class D technology greatly improves efficiency to over 60%. Higher efficiency not only means the amplifier will require less power to run, but will dissipate considerably less heat.

As a result, the amplifier is much smaller in size, saving precious rack space in an installation. Lower heat dissipation also reduces stress put on each component part in the amplifier and will prolong product life of the amplifier.